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Quality care

Quality is not only the product but also the process. 

In this process all business functions are included. All activities must lead to the improvement of the system, to a higher efficiency and hereby also to the optimisation and the rationalisation of the business operation. We therefore do not make any steps if we have not previously studied its consequences for the quality and safety of a product.

Our basic motto is the satisfaction of our customers and the fulfilment of their present and future requirement. We cooperate with them before, during and after the delivery of our products. A holistic fulfilment of the customer’s requirements enables us therefore to develop a long-term partner relationships. 

We are constantly developing the quality management systems in MLM and we are upgrading the acquired international certificates. 

In 1995 we have been awarded with first certificate for our Quality Management System according to ISO:9001, and we have always successfully renewed it, upgraded it and expanded it to every production processes. Therefore, our certificate ISO 9001:2015 covers scope Manufacturing of aluminium high pressure die cast components, brass forged components, machined and plated metal components.

In the year 2003 we have been, with the fulfilment of all requirements of quality standards for the automotive industry and good business customs - which are satisfying the expectations of the customers from the automotive industry – awarded also with an - for us enormously important - certificate ISO/TS 16949. This certificate was upgraded in 2018 with implementation of QMS according to IATF 16949:2016.

Regarding the organisational changes in the company MLM and the long term vision of the activity at the demanding market of the automotive industry we regularly check and update our Quality policy.

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