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  • SINCE 1924





Key data

Production programme:

  • production of tools
  • production of die-casting parts with machining
  • production of forged semi products out of copper alloys

Information about the year 2015:

  • total sales 40,8 million EUR, of which the export covers 36,2 million EUR
  • production of 5.632 tons of die-casting parts
  • production of 630 tons of forgings
  • manufacturing of die-casting tools in the value of 4,7 million EUR
  • number of employees (31.12.2015): 555

MLM d.d. (JSC)

With the combining of knowledge about metals and tools in Mariborska livarna Maribor we successfully fulfil the expectations of our customers in the automotive and electrical industry, in the industry of white goods in many enterprises that need semi products made of copper and its compounds and also in the modern world more and more indispensable aluminium.

Our organisation and development are adjusting to the demands and needs of our partners. Therefore we constantly invest in new knowledge, in new working tools and in new machines.

We are aware of the necessity to open Mariborska livarna Maribor into the market and to establish it as a dynamic European enterprise with the technology and the knowledge which is aware that its work is assessed and rewarded by its consumers. We know that we have to become an enterprise that satisfies the demands, the needs and the expectations of the consumers of the technologically demanding products as are the modern cars on one side and as are the designing and usable so sophisticated elements as the radiators on the other side.

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